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Buy and hold any coins, tokens or even FIAT, top-up mobile phone, pay utility bills, etc

Unsecured Loans

A protocol for non-collateralized, on-chain
loans for unbanked people on Polkadot

We help unbanked people to get loans

100 out of 196 countries have 2,000,000,000 unbanked people. However, these people still need funds. We connect new customers to all existing financial services.

AMM token new approach

A new approach to on-chain lending that allows AMM holders to vote on incoming borrowing and uncollateralized loan requests; it creates new ways for AMM users to generate stable, high returns in DeFi; and it empowers approved borrowers with fast, fixed-term, fixed-rate loans with no collateral requirements. The AMM incorporates Binance's and Polkadot's best advantages!

Fast and smart credits

The platform uses complex algorithms to predict the credit-worthiness of every customer and in just 15 minutes, a borrower can get their very first loan through their smartphone.

Micromoney Advisors

In order to provide the best functionality and smooth working of all features, the MicroMoney system leverages the best from several blockchains. We emphasize Polkadot's blockchain the most as it: has easy cross-chain transfers, has good scalability, is easy to improve, is user-driven and is absolutely secure.

Since Polkadot is a cross-chain protocol, we can aggregate the products of our partners to provide customers with access to services on other blockchains.

Software and blockchain development for businesses

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Unsecured DeFi Loans

An under-collateralized lending market, available anytime and anywhere!

MicroMoney's Unsecured Loans only require borrowers to maintain the collateral equivalent of the value of the loan minus the amount of total interest paid from all previous loans.

Anyone can take out a loan, even if the initial collateral equals zero - you will receive money if you need it!

Each next loan is 6% larger

Lenders are well-protected against 'take-and-run' actors by the membership system and the redemption pool algorithm.

Sai Hnin Aung


We hope that you build a healthy business, live above the poverty line by taking loans from MicroMoney and weather all your financial setbacks. We would be pleased if you stabilized your finances - that is our goal.

July Phoo

MicroMoney Maynar, COO

In the long-run, we hope to help unbanked and under-banked people with financial support and bring them into the new, global, decentralized crypto economy.

Aung Pyay Thein

MicroMoney Maynmar, HR

We are passionate about our mission in solving the financial needs of people who live under the poverty with the support of developed financial technology. That's why we paying great attention to the way we run our company. To be as effective as we can.

Tin Htun Aung

MicroMoney Maynmar, IT

Smartphone technology is so successful that we cannot imagine a day without it. Therefore, by utilizing such useful devices, we can estimate the credit-worthiness of clients to whom we can provide loan services.

about MicroMoney

We took on a great mission to help two bln unbanked people become part of a global financial ecosystem.

The innovative and sophisticated scoring system works with all the data from a borrower’s mobile phone gathered after a customer completes the online application form within the McroMoney’s mobile app.

MicroMoney Blockchain Credit Burean MicroMoney Expands Token Distribution Campaign.

MicroMoney’s vision to convert the world’s unbanked into members of global financial system could be one of better businness objectives of the entire 21st century

MicroMoney is focused on microfinancing in the online money lending industry and states that it aims to provide the “best professional” solutions to consumers’ financial needs across Asia and is now available in five Asian countries

MicroMoney $30M Token Distribution Campaign Generates $1M in 12 Hours

Our local offices

We have branches in Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, The Philippines, Cameroon and Zambia.

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